2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartment



2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartment

These 2 bedrooms and 3-bedroom one Storey apartment is design in a way that the ground floor apartment represent the 2-bedroom unit apartment while the first floor is the 3-bedroom apartment.

The staircase is located in a way to give access to the 3-bedroom apartment at the upper floor.

All the rooms have toilets and bathroom including a visitor’s toilet where visitors can make use of when the need arises, also the main lounge have an attached dining room and a kitchen with verandah attached to each apartment.

As you get to the entrance porch, you can easily use the staircase  to access the 3 bedroom apartment at the first floor or open the main entrance door to access the two bedroom apartment at the ground floor level, from the main lounge you can access the visitor toilet or move in opposite direction close to the dining room to access the lobby door that gives you  access to the two rooms and the kitchen through their separate doors.

Similarly, the staircase hall connects you to the front sit out at the first-floor level, from the sit out area you can access the visitor toilet or open the main entrance door that have access to the main lounge.

The main lounge also has a dining hall with attached kitchen, from the sitting room you can access the lobby that connect you to the other three rooms including the kitchen area.

This house plan design is suitable for apartment rental services or for families that wish to use it for family house at the village where you have insufficient land space.

it can also fit into one plot of land measuring 50 by 100ft.  if you are thinking of building apartment suite for commercial purpose this house design concept might be exactly what you need. let me know if you will purchase any of the house plan set below.

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  • Plan ID:
  • Floor plan area(sqft):
    1637.1 sqft
  • Floor plan dimensions(ft):
    32.1 x 51 ft
  • Rooms:
  • Beds:
  • Baths:
  • Plan Status:

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  • 1 storey building


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