3 bedroom detached house plan design

Beds: 3
Baths: 4


3-Bedroom Detached House Plan Design

Welcome to the house plan market. This 3-bedroom detached house plan design is designed to meet your needs, if you are looking for a 3-bedroom house with a children’s sitting room or a second sitting room to serve additional function, look no further. I will work you through all your features on this 3-bedroom house design concept to enable you to make a purchase decision.

As you approach the entrance porch, your first place of contact is the sit-out area with two different ground-floor levels, the first level is the sitting area, where you can relax to view the natural beauty of the environment while the second level is two-step down and it leads you to the entrance door to the main lounge area. The visitor toilet is located at the first level sit-out area.

Once you enter the main lounge, you will directly have access to the dining and bar area located at the right-hand side of the main lounge close to the front, the dining and the bar are elevated above the main lounge level. the connection of the dining is done in a way that you don’t directly have access to the kitchen through the dining. although you have a door from the dining connecting to the lobby that will lead you to the kitchen hall.

The main lounge is big enough for a 3 bedroom private sitting arrangement, from the main lounge you can access the central lobby that connects you to the rest of the rooms and the second or mini lounge area at the extreme right side of this 3 bedroom house plan.

The mini lounge is about the size of a normal room, it has a sit-out by the side where you can relax. it is designed to serve as an extra lounge space that children and other family members can frequently access while the main lounge is designed to serve as a private reserved area that can be accessed by all members of the family but not too frequently.

The central lobby connects you to the rest of the rooms and the kitchen, the kitchen is located at the back of the building, and it is a reasonable size that is suitable for a 3-bedroom apartment without any store room. the store room can be included if you request to have it with a store room. The sit-out of the kitchen is located by the side and you can only access it through the central lobby area,

All the rooms are bigger than standard-size rooms except the child’s room, which is located at the center of this 3-bedroom design concept. The master bedroom is on the right side while the madam bedroom is on the left. The two bigger rooms have their separate toilet system and a walk-in closet where the wardrobe section can be found. The children’s room has its toilet system but no walk-in closet, but it has an inbuilt wardrobe section.

This 3-bedroom house design concept can fit in one plot of land measuring 50 x 100 ft and above, if you would like to make some minor changes, you can request for modification plan for free. feel free to chat with any of our house plan professionals for a detailed discussion on how you can purchase this house plan. you can also read about how you can purchase this house plan here if you wish to purchase it directly from our website.

Please feel free to comment about the overview of the house plan, if you would like us to improve on any area or let us know what you think about this house design concept.

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  • Floor plan area(sqft):
    2263.65 sqft
  • Floor plan dimensions(ft):
    42.3 x 53.5 ft
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  • 3 bedroom bungalow


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