Modern 2 bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex house plan

Beds: 5
Baths: 6


Modern 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex house plan

Looking for a Modern duplex house plan? The 2 bedrooms and 3-bedroom detached duplex house design idea is suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

The 2-bedroom duplex apartment has an anteroom, a visitor toilet, the main lounge, and a kitchen at the ground floor level, the two rooms are located on the first floor.

All the rooms are en-suite with standard-size bedroom space. it also has a front sit-out and a back sit which is located in the kitchen area. The 3-bedroom duplex house design idea is attached to the 2-bedroom duplex and is designed to give comfort to the occupant.

As you approach the entrance point, your first point of contact is a door that connects you to the anteroom, from the anteroom you can access the main lounge.

The main lounge has an open dining connection with the kitchen attached to the dining area, the kitchen is very big but does not have a store, from the dining you can access a lobby that connects you to the ground floor room and kitchen area.

The remaining 2 rooms are located on the first floor, all the rooms are standard size rooms, but if you need it bigger, you can request for modification plan.

On the first floor, your first point of contact is a lobby that has a void that enables you to view the main lounge at the ground floor plan, from the lobby you can access the private lounge area or use the other lobby to access the remaining other two rooms.

All the rooms have their toilet and bathroom attached to it. In the private lounge area, you can easily access the front balcony for relaxation. This Modern house design can be used for apartment listing or personal use.

We also have this house design concept for a 5-bedroom duplex house plan.  let me know if you would like to purchase any of the house plans set below.

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  • Plan ID:
  • Floor plan area(sqft):
    2599.5 sqft
  • Floor plan dimensions(ft):
    47.9 x 62.6 ft
  • Rooms:
  • Beds:
  • Baths:
  • Plan Status:

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  • 1 bedroom bungalow


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